Light Manufacturing in the Carolinas–I.D.166

Price: $4,500,000

Location: South Carolina

Industry: Other Manufacturing

Listing ID: 42520166

Listing Status: New


Don't miss this opportunity to own a very profitable light manufacturing company based in the Carolinas. This well-established direct to consumer manufacturer has above average margins, a consistent backlog of orders and is positioned for growth with excess capacity. 2023 SDE is ahead of last year thru June, 2023. This business is set up for a new owner to take over and continue to grow the business.
Financial Summary:
2022: Revenue: $3,393,160 | Net Income: $888,331 | SDE: $1,057,417
2021: Revenue: $2,932,811 | Net Income: $704,967 | SDE: $883,284
2020: Revenue: $2,499,586 | Net Income: $566,692 | SDE: $772,285
Growth Opportunities: The business has identified several areas for expansion that a new owner could benefit from, such as focusing on certain key product areas for growth, adding more installation crews, utilizing existing manufacturing capacity and exploring additional product offerings. These initiatives, combined with continued operational excellence, has this business positioned for continued success and growth.
Processes: Ownership has continuously upgraded the business’s manufacturing capacity and systems, giving them flexibility to reach to customer orders and requirements. From marketing to operations, new ownership will be stepping into a turn-key business with tight operational controls.
Skilled and Experienced Staff: The business has a dedicated and experienced team in place, ensuring smooth operations and consistent service quality. The knowledgeable staff contributes to the business's success and offers valuable expertise to the new owner.
Consistent and Growing Customer Base: The business attracts a wide range of customers, including walk-ins, repeat consumers, new home owners, and people wanting and upgrade their homes. The business has built strong relationships with these customers, ensuring a steady stream of revenue and most importantly, a tremendous amount of word of mouth referrals, the best indicator of customers happiness with the company’s products and process in this fast growing part of the Carolinas.
Well-Maintained Equipment: The business owners continue to invest in equipment that modern and well-maintained machinery, ensuring efficient operations and high-quality service. This commitment to maintaining top-notch equipment has been a hallmark under this owner.
Real Estate: Real Estate is owned by the owner in a 3rd party entity. The business pays market rent for the showroom/manufacturing facility as well as the warehouse nearby. Current lease rates are factored into cash flow calculations for the business. The Real Estate is available for purchase and lenders have provided various scenarios for qualified individuals.
To maintain the seller's confidentiality, more detailed information about the financial figures and other non-financial aspects of the business will be provided upon the completion of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), an initial interview with the broker, and disclosure of personal financial status and capacity of the buyer. This business (& real estate) have been prescreened by multiple SBA lenders.
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SDE: $1,057,417

Gross Revenue: $3,393,160

Inventory: $225,000

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