man overwhelmed with workload

4 Tips to Avoid Business Owner Burnout in Charlotte, NC

man overwhelmed with workload

Many people dream of entrepreneurship and long for the freedom, financial independence, and reinvention without realizing the price tag attached to such a package. Owners commonly place individual needs on the back-burner, sometimes even when approaching a looming burnout. However, it’s imperative to address these red flags, as they can affect long-term business operations if ignored.

To steer clear of burnout, it’s helpful to become aware of your stress patterns. Because, ultimately, if you’re not in the right state-of-mind, it feels nearly impossible to handle a business. To help you spot the signs and avoid potential hardships, VR Business Brokers sheds light on how to avoid business owner burnout in Charlotte, NC.


Being able to identify the source of your stress is critical to finding a resolution. The burnout state is created and propelled by a mixture of internal and external stress factors. Internal stress comes from self-made pressures to live up to certain standards and then feeling discouraged when falling short. This kind of temperament can be counterproductive, and cause you more significant, destructive harm in the long run, as you’ll inevitably burn out.

External stress is molded by factors that are seemingly out of our control- i.e., physical work environment, noise levels, lack of privacy, etc. An accumulation of these nuisances is enough to spur tense and anxious behavior, especially within the workplace. Overcoming both internal and external stress means learning how to manage these negative situations more constructively.


While burnout affects your own thoughts and emotions, the financial cost is tremendous as well. In fact, business-related burnout causes U.S. business owners a loss of over $300 billion annually. To avoid negatively impacting your outlook and your bottom line, follow these tips to manage stress and burnout as a business owner.


Some business owners wait years before taking off from work for extended periods of time. Even if you already have an annual vacation tradition planned, it’s probably not enough. Instead, make a quarterly habit of taking a long weekend for yourself. To accomplish this goal, you must be able to trust your team’s ability to keep things moving along during your absence. Remember, you don’t have to travel anywhere- staycations are proven to be highly beneficial when taking time off from work.


In addition to unplugging, you must be able to delegate tasks when needed. While you may possess some of the secondary skills needed to run your company, such as digital marketing or managing payroll, the company’s overall big picture should take the vast majority of your time, not the meticulous tasks associated with your operation. Get comfortable with letting others step in, as it’s essential to avoiding eventual burnout due to an overloaded task list.


The concept of “self-care” is growing in popularity as more people are beginning to realize how important it is to invest in their own needs. While there are endless ways to practice self-care, take the time to explore methods and find one that works for you. Some popular self-care activities you may be interested in trying include:

  • Taking a walk;
  • Going for a bike ride;
  • Attending regular gym classes, or
  • Practicing mediation.

Whether you find time to practice self-care daily or opt for something less frequent, it’s important to never feel guilty about taking time for yourself.


To further ease burnout, regularly schedule time for yourself to recharge. Consider writing down a block of time in your calendar dedicated for yourself just as you would jot down any other responsibiliy. Remeber, you hold yourself accountable for attending work functions, appointments, and other miscellaneous activities- make sure you’re just as committed to showing up for yourself as well.

Running a business isn’t for everyone, and sometimes, it’s more stress than it’s worth to the owner. If you’re looking to sell a business in Charlotte, North Carolina, the VR Business Brokers team can help! Learn more about the business selling process and don’t hesitate to contact the VR team in Charlotte with any questions.