VR Business Brokers of Charlotte Facilitates Sale of Cell Phone Repair Now in Waxhaw NC

Charlotte, NC | March 2020

Cell Phone Repair Now, an independent Waxhaw NC retailer, has been sold to a new owner through the services of VR Business Brokers of Charlotte.  The company provides products and services in the repairs of mobile phones, iPad, and other related devices.

Scott Lambert is the new owner of the business and plans to operate the business with his son, Mason.  They will continue to serve customers in south Charlotte and Union County in providing rapid repairs and service in fixing all things related to mobile devices.

Boran and Sabrina Pan were the founders and most recent owners of Cell Phone Repair Now.  They had built this successful business over just a couple of years, but faced a need to relocate to another state.  They were grateful for the support of Randy Mitchell, Business Broker with VR Business Brokers, for his guidance and management of the purchase transaction.

“Working with Randy was an absolute pleasure, he understood our goals and worked diligently to help us accomplish it. He started by going over our business and helping us set a value for it that we all felt was good. He then gave us an expectation of the time frame it would take to sell. From there he did all the work from listing our business to qualifying buyers, arranging meetings with qualified buyers, and assisting with everything involved with closing on the transaction. Prior to being a business owner my wife and I both worked sales jobs, so we truly understand how much work and dedication it takes to close on a deal ahead of schedule…. We are very grateful for Randy with his help we are able to move back home and not have to worry about what we are going to do with our business.”

About VR Business Brokers of Charlotte 

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