Carolina Recreation & Design of Mooresville, NC SOLD to a New Owners Recently

Mooresville, NC | November 2020

Carolina Recreation & Design a Mooresville, NC based company that distributes and installs playgrounds, splash pads, shelters, and many other products, has officially been sold to new owners with the assistance of VR Business Brokers.

Carolina Recreation & Design was started by Don Hemingway in 2013 after spending 10 years in the recreation equipment industry working for a supplier. He quickly grew the company to cover North and South Carolina, as well as Virginia. As growth continued, Don decided he wanted to slow down a little to spend more time traveling and with his family. Carolina Recreation & Design hired VR Business Brokers to help facilitate the sale.

Don said, “We are very pleased to have successfully completed this transaction.  We had some ups and downs in the process, including the pandemic,  but we are pleased to have found our new owners. Scott  Olsen and Anthony Bouse, owners of several businesses previously were excited to complete this transaction.  “Thanks to Adam Petricoff and Randy Mitchell at VR Business Brokers for all their hard work in getting this deal completed.  I appreciate the guidance and support provided to get this deal done with some unique deadlines and incentives. I look forward to assisting Anthony and Scott in growing the company. We have so much opportunity ahead and are already looking at expansion opportunities.”

Anthony and Scott see a great company and they look forward to elevating to higher levels of growth while providing the highest level of service for its growing client base.  “We are thrilled to have purchased this company and think Don has built a great company and culture for continued growth ahead. We look forward to working with the great team in place as we continue to grow further. We are ready to go and we look forward to working with our employees, supplier, and clients to continue to offer great products and services.

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